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Ribbon Quick Guide


1. Full-color or single-color (Monochrome)?

Typically, if you’re printing photo-quality IDs you’ll need a four-color YMCK ribbon. All colors in the visible colour spectrum can be produced using a combination of four colors: Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), and Black (K) - resulting in stunning and useful outcome. However, if you’re printing text or single-color images, you’ll be fine choosing from monochrome options.


2. Colour Types

Single-Color Monochrome –For printing of single-color images and text.
YMCK – Full, four-color ribbons can print vibrant full-color images and black text. Ideal for simple, single-sided plastic cards with ID photos and text. Single-sided printing
YMCKO – Four-color with overlay. YMCKO ribbons are versatile. These ribbons include a clear coating overlay to give your cards extra protection from tampering or wear and tear. Perfect for cards that are handled often or contain secure information. Single-sided printing only.
YMCKOK – Four-color with Black on back. A full-color ribbon that can also print black text or bar codes on the back of your plastic cards.



3. Single-sided or dual-sided printing?
If you’re printing only on one side of the ID card, you can choose from four-color YMCK, four-color with overlay (YMCKO), or single color monochrome ribbons.
However, if you need to print on both sides of the card, you’ll need a YMCKOK dual-sided ribbon.



4. Overlays for added security and/or protection?

The "O" in the ribbon name signifies a clear, protective overlay that eliminates the need for a laminator. YMCKO ribbons add years of life to your cards and badges, eliminating the need for the time and hassle of laminating them. It will provides extra protection from tampering and reduces the wear and tear.

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