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What size are the cards?

The standard credit card size is 86 × 54mm. We do offer larger 100 x 70mm cards, key fobs (a third of a normal plastic card) and cards cut to a custom shape upon request. We also offer a Combo card size which is a credit card with a fob attached.


What thickness are the cards?

We offer a range of thicknesses but the most popular is 0.76mm (standard credit card thickness).


What material is used?

We use PVC as the core material as it's extremely tough and durable. We want your cards to endure everyday use without tarnishing and therefore only use the best materials available.


Can you match my current design including the colours?

Absolutely – this can be helped by seeing a physical card however we can match any existing designs you have if you want to move to us just to save some money!


How much does it cost to print on both sides?

We can print to both sides of the card in full colour for no additional cost.

Can each card have a different number or name?

Each card can be different – we can personalise them with numbers, names, barcodes, QR codes or any other personalization you might require.



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